Renting with Roommates

Although you may have a good friendship or initial understanding with a proposed roommate scenario, living with others requires a lot of patience and agreement to mutual understandings within the household. Whether your plan is to rent a property with friends or strangers, you will have to deal with issues surrounding splitting of utility bills, how the unit is to be kept clean, what food belongs to which roommate, and what behaviors within the premises are deemed acceptable or unacceptable. While these may seem like minor issues which will be worked out later, they are the details of living with roommates which can make or break a living environment for the quiet enjoyment of the property.

If you intend to apply for one of PURE Property Management's properties with one or more roommates or would like the opportunity to add a roommate at a later date, please discuss this with an agent or representative of PURE Property Management in advance. PURE Property Management has a Roommate Policy in place for rental agreements which differs from a standard lease agreement:

  1. All roommates and prospective co-residents must submit separate rental applications and approved by PURE Property Management in advance. All roommates must be approved before a rental agreement will be considered.
  2. Once approved (including adding new roommates) PURE Property Management will require all of the roommates to sign a new rental agreement. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL ADDING A NEW ROOMMATE BE CONSIDERED TO BE A SUBLEASE.
  3. The rental agreement shall be written with the understanding of joint and several liability. This means that when you sign the rental agreement with others, you become liable for each other's obligations. If one of the roommates can't pay rent or violates the rental agreement, all of the roommates are responsible for corrective action.
  4. PURE Property Management provides that our residents residing within premises under our management shall have the right to quiet enjoyment of the property and expects all residents within the premises to be respectful to one another and to Landlord. All rental agreements involving roommates will contain a clause specifying the following:
    • * Residents within the Premises shall have the right to quiet enjoyment of the property and all residents within the Premises shall be respectful to one another and to Landlord. Residents further agree to not engage in disruptive behavior which is considered by Landlord to be a nuisance in or about the Premises. If it is determined by Landlord that a nuisance has been created, the Resident will forthwith remedy same upon receipt of notice by the Landlord. If such nuisance is not so remedied, the Landlord may provide legal day notice to the Resident of termination, without prejudice to the Landlord's other rights and recourse.

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