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  • What is normal wear and tear in a rental property? We discuss how the term normal wear and tear is defined in the state of California and how to navigate this topic when completing a security deposit disposition for a tenant.

  • Switching property management companies is not always easy, but if you get to the point where you realize that you need a new management partner, there’s no sense in waiting for the perfect time. There is rarely a perfect time for anything.

  • There are many benefits to living in San Diego, California. With spectacular sunsets, friendly neighbors, world-class food, and countless activities, California is almost a utopia for residents and tourists alike.

  • Buying a home is a major endeavor, and organizing your finances is a large part of that. For most people, loans are a great way to accomplish purchasing your house! However, knowing the loan limits in San Diego County is an important step before pursuing a mortgage.

  • Resident getting help with lease.

    Being a landlord isn’t an easy task. Landlords have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to renting their investment properties, working with their tenants, and keeping the property well-maintained. But what are the main elements involved in this demanding position?

  • The subject of bed bugs is not pleasant, but it has become a hot topic and area of concern in rental properties all across the USA. For property management companies, like PURE Property Management, being on top of new California landlord laws is crucial.

  • Property Management La Jolla CA

    Whether you are looking to relocate to San Diego full-time or looking for a beachfront vacation property, there are plenty of beach-filled areas in and around San Diego to choose from. With 70 miles of beautiful coastline, San Diego County is home to many beaches.