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Why a Property Manager and an Interior Designer Should Handle Your Renovations

Bob Preston - Wednesday, July 20, 2022
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Time to turn your house into a home. You know exactly how you want it, so why shouldn't you handle it DIY style and manage everything yourself? We want to save you from overspending on your renovations and making some common mistakes. Here's why you should let a property manager and interior designer handle your renovations.


Whether it's your personal house or investment properties, you’ll need to renovate from time to time. A property manager and interior design team can help you. If you think that your house is no big deal and you can do it on your own, by all means, go ahead. If you want to save yourself some money and hassle, read on. 


You may be thinking that hiring two people will cost you unnecessarily. If you're lucky, you find that unicorn property manager who is also an interior designer, you still don't want to pay up. After all, you should be able to handle this yourself. 

However, you do not have the real estate industry experience that they have. You could end up overpaying your contractors for material and labor by hiring incapable contractors. Property managers are needed because they secure several contacts during their time working in the industry. They know the best contractors for the job. They know who will do the job right the first time and get the pricing!

Maximize Your Space Utility

Interior designers can do magic with your space. You don't know what optimally using a space means until an interior designer hasn't shifted things around in it. You can take advantage of every unique or awkward nook and cranny in your home. 

They could accomplish a lot with a little. You might want to make the space look bigger by tearing out a wall, and they achieve the same by hanging a few strategically placed mirrors. 

You may have left a corner in your home as an unusable space. You may think you can't do anything with it. An interior designer could give you not one but a multitude of ways to utilize that dead space according to your style. 


While shopping for furniture, you will only find expensive pieces in standard shapes and sizes. You may find something cool on the Facebook marketplace or Amazon, but you can't furnish your whole home with one item. 

Interior designers have teams of workers who prepare furniture or reupholster it to suit your style. You might be able to use the furniture you already have by getting it reupholstered or painted by their team. They also have stock of ready-made furnishings like throws and pillows, decorations, and even sofas that they might charge you much less for than the store. 


Getting everyone to finish your renovations on time is a headache. You don't want to run after contractors and suppliers all the time getting updates. Wouldn't it be better to receive updates from your property manager, who keeps tabs on everything? We are sure that the stress of not being in your home and day-to-day life in a makeshift living situation can catch up to you. If you have a whole family, handling the kids' adjustment is enough trouble.

You will want the renovations to be over as soon as possible for life to return to normal. You also can't wait to see your vision come to life. A property manager can ensure work gets done as close to the original deadline. 


If you are renovating your home to sell, you are in luck. Both the property manager and the interior designer know what the market needs. They are experts when it comes to making homes desirable for buyers. The interior designer has experience in staging homes to understand what is popular and what is not based on which homes got sold faster. 

The property manager is trained in marketing your property and understands the local market. The property manager will know what facilities are available in most homes around yours and update your home's renovations plant. That way, you can flip your home to be like the ones fetching the highest prices in the area. 


Let the professionals handle your home renovation if you want to save money, time, and energy. Soon you will live in your dream home or sell it for a considerable profit. The property manager and interior designer should handle everything while you sit back, relax, and watch the magic happen! 

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