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Tenant Move In and Move Out (MIMO)

Bob Preston - Friday, September 6, 2013
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Assuring the Move In and Move Out Process Goes Smoothly!

One of the most important times in establishing a great tenant relations process is during the move into a rental unit and then again when the tenant decides it is time to move on to a new property.  Establishing guidelines and a clear process up front can avoid communication problems at the time for security deposit disposition.  North County Property Group utilizes the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R) standard MIMO (Move In/Move Out) form as a straight forward way of documenting property condition at the time of occupancy as one point in time and then again when the tenant vacates. Unit Condition Checklist Upon leasing a property and on the day (or before) of tenant move-in, North County Property Group ALWAYS creates a  Move-In Condition checklist, as standard procedure, utilizing the MIMO form. This is a detailed checklist with notes describing the condition of every room in the unit with one column headed Move In Condition and another Move Out Condition. Included are line items for walls, ceilings, rugs, windows, woodwork, and appliances in each room, specifying the actual move-in condition and expected move-out condition of each item.  This list is then agreed and signed by the tenant so both North County Property Group (acting as landlord) and the tenant agree on every line item. When the tenant moves out at some future date, the same form is used to repeat the inspection. This eliminates any confusion or disputes regarding what has occurred to the property during the time the tenant lived there. Then at the final inspection, a punch list of items that need to be fixed, completed, or paid for out of the security deposit prior to the tenant moving out will be clear for both parties. Security Deposit Clearing Security deposits are typically reconciled and cleared within 30 days of tenant move out. Funds are held until a final inspection is completed AGAIN after the tenant vacates  in case any surprises arise following the move-out. Issues may not be readily apparent until all the furniture is moved out of the unit and security deposit funds may be need to make repairs and get the unit rent ready. Transitions don’t always have to be painful. Setting the appropriate safeguards at the beginning of the relationship ensures that both landlord and the tenant are protected and will make the inevitable transitions that occur in the rental process much smoother.

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