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System - Wednesday, March 6, 2013
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Social Media Property Management

By Bob Preston Is the real estate market still in the dark ages when it comes to finding a property to rent or lease? Sure, Craig's List and other online rental sites have emerged to make the process of finding a new home easier but the vast majority of Property Management firms are still old school and not using social media property management to their advantage.  What do I mean by old school? Well, if you want to find the best and brightest tenants you have to have your property visible where they communicate. Let me tell you, that's not walking down the street and peering through the glass at printed flyers of homes for rent. Nor is it flipping through a Rolodex and calling their contacts. Nope, the best, brightest, and most well-to-do tenants today are finding properties online. Further, chances are they're doing it on their mobile smartphone or tablet. looking at social media property management to find their connections, and not from their computer. North County Property Group has embraced social media in property management and is leveraging it through our 10-Point Marketing Program to find high caliber tenants and get properties rented fast  through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in addition to online advertising on rental sites and other traditional means (signs, flyers, open houses, etc.)!

I have been a blogger and user of social media property management and other collaboration tools for several years now and have embraced it fully in my property management business.  You see, I think this uniquely differentiates North County Property Group above our "dark ages" competitors and gives our clients an edge in getting their properties marketed and rented quickly.  We have further offer a fully automated online Owner Portal where clients can track their property performance and download owner statements or property reports.  Our Tenant Portal makes it easy for renters to pay their rent online and submit work order requests. We've also integrated an online booking engine, online rental applications, and MLS search directly into our North County Property Group website. The good-ole Rolodex, now just an axiom from our past, has long since been replaced by digital means for connecting and communicating with personal networks faster than ever before. It dawned on me this morning that at North County Property Group we reach out and communicate on a daily basis with 100s of friends, colleagues, and followers through social media and collaboration tools that did not even exist just a few years ago. Let us put social media property management to work for you in marketing YOUR properties. Follow North County Property Group on Facebook Twitter and YouTube!

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