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Introducing Rental Listing Tracker Dashboard!

Bob Preston - Saturday, February 2, 2019
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North County Property Group is excited to announce Listing Tracker!  This is a new and exclusive, added value service, to our San Diego property management clients. 

What is it?

Listing Tracker is a comprehensive rental listing dashboard report for our North County Property Group property management clients who have active (currently listed for rent) long-term rental listings. Listing Tracker is a North County Property Group exclusive so we hope you like the value added service we are providing! 

How is it helpful to property management clients?

This weekly dashboard provides insight into how a property listing is performing in relation to lead volume and property interest level. The dashboard includes graphical reports, lead feedback, a summary of how the listing is performing and any recommendations to increase the volume of interest. San Diego property management clients with an active listing receive an updated dashboard every Friday. 

Listing Tracker is a great resource for your as a property management client and allow our leasing team to keep you up to date with your listing!

Click her to view an example of the Listing Tracker! 

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