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Property Management Carlsbad CA
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Vacation Rental Management Carlsbad CA

Carlsbad short-term rentals, elevated. PURE's expert management & local mastery maximize your earnings. Invest with confidence. Choose PURE.

Property Management Carlsbad CA

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Elevate Your Carlsbad Short-Term Rental With PURE

Elevate the management of your vacation rentals in Carlsbad CA with PURE Property Management. Our technology-driven solutions transform the way properties are managed, revolutionizing operations and enhancing guest satisfaction. Trust us to streamline and elevate every aspect of your property management.

Peace of Mind, Peak Performance. PURE.

Elevate your property’s potential with vacation rental management in Carlsbad, CA by PURE Property Management. We integrate proptech solutions to transform and streamline operations, enhancing both guest and owner experiences.

Property Expertise. PURE Results. Carlsbad CA

PURE Property Management has managed short-term rentals across Carlsbad CA for over 25 years. We combine 2,000+ years of collective experience with cutting-edge proptech to deliver simple, satisfying property management solutions. Nationwide, we’re trusted by over 25,000 clients who endorse us with over 10,000 5-star reviews on Google. Whether you’re a seasoned investor with a growing portfolio or a new landlord seeking a trusted partner, PURE empowers you to achieve your real estate goals.

Innovative Proptech

Harnessing high-tech for short-term property management we have simplified and streamlined our processes and deliver efficient and satisfying experiences.

Informed Intelligence

Local knowledge, national standards—with local experts across all states we are servicing, our team offers the best of both worlds.

Tailored Investor Services

From financial oversight to guest engagement, our services are designed to maximize the value of your real estate assets while building trust and confidence.

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Vacation Rental Management California – Prices & Fees

Full-Service Management

Startup Fee: $150
Property Management Fee (%of rent collected): 25%
Limited Listing Time (ex: Summer Only): Add 5% + $250 Startup Fee

Included in Full Service Management Fee

  • Pro Photos & Video Virtual Tour
  • Channel Management to Popular Booking Sites
  • Linens, Towels, & Supplies
  • Yield Management/Dynamic Rental Rates
  • Establish Competitive Rates, Build Listing, Booking Engine, Availability Calendar
  • Extensive Marketing Package
  • Commissions Paid Only on Performance
  • Rapid Autoresponder to Inquiries
  • Complete Guest Care With Maintenance & Emergency Answering Service
  • Departure Inspection,Turnover Prep, Security Deposit Disposition
  • Monthly Rent Processing; Reporting, Invoicing, Direct Deposit
  • Transient Occupancy Tax Quarterly Reporting to Local City Entity
  • Annual Financial Reporting, Tax Statements & 1099s
  • Online Investor Portal
  • Online Guest Portal
  • Damage Protection Insurance
  • Preferred Vendor Pricing

Every investment property is different. Book an appointment to get a full-service management quote customized to your needs.

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Experience the PURE Difference in Carlsbad Property Management

Our edge comes from our extensive experience—2,000+ years combined, managing over 25,000 properties across 23 states, including premium markets. With 75+ acquisitions and a valuation surpassing $300 million, our track record speaks to our unmatched expertise and innovative approach.

Unique Approach

PURE brings innovative, tech-optimized solutions and combines them with local experience to elevate your rental income beyond traditional methods.

Technological Edge

We use advanced technology developed by seasoned fintech and AI pioneers to protect your asset effectively and consistently deliver a high ROI.

Unified, Streamlined Process

PURE’s unified, streamlined approach ensures an easy, hassle-free management experience.

Trusted by 25,000+ Nationwide

PURE is the leader in revolutionizing property management across the country while it persistently delivers satisfying experiences for all investors.

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What Clients and Residents Across the Nation Think

Explore what our clients and residents have to say and discover the quality and attention that PURE Property Management of California brings to every interaction. Your trust is our success story.

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Meet Your Local Vacation Rental Management Team in Carlsbad

Our dedicated local team brings decades of experience navigating Carlsbad’s unique landscape. This local expertise, combined with PURE’s 2,000+ years of collective knowledge, ensures we deliver proven results for your investment.

Elizabeth Hall

Operations Manager
CA DRE Salesperson #02129593

Brett Preston

Business Development
CA DRE Salesperson #02106872

Jordan Lamp

Business Development
CA DRE Salesperson #2133388

Bryan Coburn

Senior Property Manager
CA DRE Salesperson #02087186

Pure Team Member
Tyler Green

Property Manager
CA DRE Salesperson #2222506

Beth Sperry

Assistant Property Manager

Jenn Stepp

Assistant Property Manager

Pure Team Member
Rudnei De Almeida Oliveira

Assistant Property Manager

Pure Team Member
Christopher Anderson

Property Services Coordinator

Pure Team Member
Jose Alonso Salcedo

Property Services Coordinator

Staci Firl

Property Services Coordinator

Pure Team Member
Cameron Esenbaugh

Office Administrator

Crushelle Santos

Marketing Assistant

Pure Team Member
Freddy Fong

Administrative Assistant

Meg Diocos

Administrative Assistant

Pure Team Member
Rizielle Manahan

Administrative Assistant

Dora Varela

Leasing Assistant

Al-Axel Jaoquin

Leasing Specialist

Pure Team Member
Christine Honrado

Leasing Specialist

Aiza Sales

Turn Coordinator

Alberto Calva

Maintenance Coordinator

Miguel Granillo

Maintenance Coordinator

Salvador Gurrola

Maintenance Coordinator

PURE Property Management of California

 16516 Bernardo Center Dr, #200
San Diego, CA, 92128

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am-5:00 pm
By Appointment Only
Phone: 858-675-9515

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Understanding the Local Market: Real Estate Investing in Carlsbad

Carlsbad offers a thriving short-term rental market, attracting visitors year-round. With a high average nightly rate of $380, investors can expect a potential annual revenue exceeding $138,700 per property. This coastal city caters to a mix of leisure and business travelers, making it a compelling investment opportunity in San Diego County.
Carlsbad is known for its flower fields, luxury resorts, and family-friendly attractions like Legoland. These features make it a great spot for family vacations and short-term stays, particularly during peak tourist seasons.
Given its high average nightly rate and attraction to both leisure and business travelers, Carlsbad offers a solid investment opportunity. Properties near popular tourist spots or business centers can yield returns exceeding $138,700 per year.
Property Management Carlsbad CA
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Have questions about Carlsbad vacation rental management?  Browse our comprehensive FAQ section or contact our team for personalized assistance.

What differentiates PURE from other property management companies?2024-06-20T12:27:28+00:00

PURE is the only property management company in San Diego County to be awarded with the three top designations by our industry association: The Residential Management Professional (RMP®), Master Property Manager (MPM®) AND the prestigious Certified Residential Management Company (CRMC®). We deliver high-end San Diego property management based on 20+ years of experience, having designed our program to exceed your expectations, build trust and confidence, and maximize the value of your real estate assets. We further emphasize social responsibility through giving back to our community and the transparent ethics of a family-owned business. Our objective is to be the trusted advisor to protect your rental property investment, achieve your real estate financial goals, and free you of the time involved in being a landlord. If these values are important to you, then PURE will be a good fit for your San Diego property management services!

How will mail service be handled at my property?2024-06-20T12:26:47+00:00

We advise all our property owners to forward their personal mail to their permanent or new address. This can be done quickly and easily at the following US Postal Service website:

PURE and tenants cannot be responsible for mail or package delivery expected by the owner that is delivered to the property under management. Owners of season or long-term properties which have a locked mailbox in place for mail service will need to provide a mailbox key the tenant. (mail key for short term vacation renters may be optional at the discretion of the property owner).

Are tax requirements different if I live outside the State of California?2024-06-20T12:25:43+00:00

Yes, if a property owner lives outside of the State of California and is renting a home he/she owns through us within the State of California, PURE is required to withhold 7% of the rent collected and submit it to the state tax authorities on a quarterly basis. Withholdings are submitted quarterly by PURE on the property owner’s behalf to the California Franchise Tax Board with a FTB Form 592, Quarterly Nonresident Withholding Statement. Before January 31st of the following calendar year, we provide the property owner with a statement showing the total amount of income subject to withholding and the total amount withheld, using a FTB Form 592-B, Nonresident Withholding Tax Statement. Nonresident withholding is a prepayment of California state income tax or franchise tax for nonresidents, like wage withholding. After the property owner files, a tax return, if the withheld amount is more than the landlord’s actual tax liability, then the Franchise Tax Board will refund the overpayment.

What are the tax implications of renting my property?2024-06-20T12:25:04+00:00

We advise all our property owners to consult with their tax accountant regarding the reporting and handling of rent income on their annual tax return. PURE is legally obligated to report the gross rental income distributed to you on a 1099 form to the IRS and as such will need your social security number for reporting purposes.

What insurance coverage should I have on my property2024-06-20T12:24:30+00:00

We advise all our property owners to consult with their insurance agent to be certain they are carrying adequate insurance for a furnished rental made available for short-term or seasonal stays. This type of insurance is quite different from a normal homeowner’s policy and it is VERY important that your agent know exactly what you are doing with your property. We require current proof of insurance for the correct type of policy to be on record in our office and that PURE be named as additionally insured (this is standard procedure with insurance companies and not at additional cost to the property owner).

Your Partner in Success

PURE Property Management understands the unique opportunities and challenges that come with seasonal rental investments in Carlsbad, CA. Our expert management team in Carlsbad, CA can help you navigate the local market, secure rental bookings and maximize your return on investment. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or exploring rental property for the first time, trust PURE Property Management to be your partner in success.

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